Roscoes wetsuit

All photos are mine


I’m done with this fucking shit. 

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This took 2 long

I’m back..


What does it say under those black bars? 

Big sean flipped around so “sean big”

Everyone says I have an addiction

Fun story of the day

So I checked my phone in math today and I saw Donald tweeted about the his new deep web blog. I immediately interrupted class asking if I could go to the bathroom. I got there and spent about 20 minutes drooling on my phone because of the incredible production of the blog. I finally got back to class and everyone wouldn’t stop staring at me. I asked my friend what happened and he responded saying “u just took the longest dump ever.” The teacher pulled me out of the classroom and asked if I was ok and if I had to go up to the nurses office. I looked at this as an opportunity. I said “yes, I feel terribly sick” (as I was feeling just fine). They called my mom and she came to pick me up. I spent the remainder of my day… on the new blog.

Throwback to the best night ever..


BTI vinyl


San Diego

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